Nothing is personal unless you say so!

No action or words from anybody are personal to you unless you decide to take them that way. When you feel someone’s actions are ‘against’ you or someone is going out of their way to ‘get at’ you then it is helpful to understand that it isn’t personal. The main reason you decide to take things personally in a bad way is because of the unhappiness that dwells within YOU, probably the unhappiness that you ignore and avoid dealing with. That person who doesn’t cooperate with you is not doing so because they are out to get you, they haven’t woken up that day deciding to take you down. They are just simply acting the way they choose to act as a reflection of how THEY feel inside, and, you in turn are choosing to take it the way you take it based on how YOU feel inside. It is your choice. When you are taking everything as a personal attack you are consuming yourself with the idea that the whole entire world is purposely trying to upset you and you are also subconsciously saying that everyone, everywhere is only ever thinking of you. You are choosing to place yourself as a victim. People revolve around themselves only. Remember this. Even when someone goes out of their way to be nasty to you it is still a reflection of how they feel about themselves. A reflection of them being threatened by you or jealous of your happiness. Taking this into consideration you can see why these people need compassion shown to them. They are showing feelings of their unhappiness and a self-assured person doesn’t need to take that personally. You too revovle around yourself only, you revolve around what is important to you. Even if this happens to be other people who you spend all your time on, that is still YOUR choice. This doesn’t mean you should tolerate people treating you with a lack of respect, you shouldn’t. It means that you do not need to defend yourself from an ‘attack’ because you can simply rise above it and see a troubled person acting out. Try to read this without taking it personally. Imagine it is written about an acquaintance that is always blaming everyone for getting at them or making their life more difficult and try to see it from the point of view that nothing, is in fact personal. If you can see any truth in this post then try to apply it to yourself and situations in your own life. If you can’t, then simply dismiss it. I won’t take it personally!


6 thoughts on “Nothing is personal unless you say so!

  1. I honestly do this so many times, I am guilty of thinking everyone is against me but your words are just so honest and people can so easily relate to you, you are definitely a very strong person


    • Thank you so much for your honesty Chantelle. Life is about lessons and being aware of our own behaviours enables us to learn and grow, either by changing unwanted patterns or enhancing useful ones.


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