The amount of problems people WANT to have is unreal. I am sure I come across this so frequently as a test of my compassion, or possibly, my patience. No matter how many solutions I find myself giving people I also find myself battling with their next excuse. ‘Oh it’s not an excuse it’s a valid reason’ they will argue.

It’s interesting to me because I used to be the same. I didn’t want a solution because that would mean I could get off my bum and fix what was actually wrong in my life, myself. What I wanted was to continue to be a victim of the ‘woe is me’ virus and I had every argument under the sun as to why I was ‘stuck’ there. The whole world just worked against me, hated me, wanted me to be miserable. Now I am on the other side of this victim river where the excuses flow and everyone is controlled by the cruel current of the water, I find a new opportunity presented to me. The opportunity to take control. The opportunity to observe how I sounded living as a victim. The opportunity to deal with my former self through all of these people I am now encountering. What a stubborn little victim I was.

The point is that when you live a life where outside forces can control your reality, you are a slave to everyone and every thing. It is only when you realise you are always in complete control and that there is always a choice – whether you like the choices or not – that you can really be free. Now please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy and it isn’t meant to be but you will never get anywhere with the following mantras :-

-‘My boss won’t let me’
-‘It’s too big a risk’
-‘There is no other way’
-‘Nobody wants me’
-‘I don’t have time’
-‘I can’t afford it’

These are all sentences that translate to ‘I’m to scared to demand the best for myself’.

I will always try to bring out the best in people. I will always look for a way to boost people and help them to empower themselves, but, when I find myself arguing with you in defense of your own self-worth, I will give up and I will agree with your belief that you can’t do it, not because I believe that you can’t, but because you do, because if YOU don’t believe you can do something or that you are in control, it doesn’t matter one teeny tiny bit what anyone else thinks.

‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you are right.’ Henry Ford



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