Have you ever noticed that some people love to talk? Have you ever noticed that for every sentence you speak about yourself the person you talk to replies with a sentence about themselves. That sometimes it turns into – You: ‘I bought the nicest pair of shoes yesterday.’ Friend: ‘I bought a great handbag!’ You: ‘Oh did you where from?’……..HANG ON, WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAM SHOES?????? Sometimes people listen just for the sake of their reply. Well you know what, just listen to them. They obviously want to hear their voice so much, so let them do the talking. You can do the listening. Listening is the part where you get to learn and observe a lot about that person. You can learn about them AND you can learn about yourself. Look for similarities, do you like all of the things you have in common with that person? What kind of person are they really? Who are they in your life? When you have a problem does that person TELL you what is best for you or do they actually try to explain different ways to tackle a problem taking into consideration who YOU are? Some people just need to be heard and they are not the kind of people who can offer you any personal advice or actually listen to you. It is best to let these people speak. Often they raise their voice over yours because they don’t feel like they are listened to in their life, or they want to show you that they too have good or nice things in their life. So listen. They need it at that time obviously. If it continues then maybe it is best to address the issue with them because it is important that they value your words too, but, if it is not 100% necessary at the time just sit back and observe. It is far more educational than you could ever imagine!



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