A very good friend of mine recently sent me the following text:

The Lion is the King of the Jungle but even the Lion King retreats in the face of the angry Lioness. Life on earth can be a Jungle but the Lioness in anger can make the most feared opponent step aside so proving that no one is your superior.

What amazing words. How empowering to think that we have access to that power. The Lioness is the commander. When she is confident and self-assured she is the most feared being on earth.


(photo from anonymous source – Facebook)

Quote by RK

So many of us feel that we are not worthy of this power but that is absolutely not true. You have to kick those thoughts straight out of your head. If you are not respected as you should be then command more respect. If you are not worshipped as you should be then start worshipping yourself, soon enough you will tolerate only the same from others. Kick out these ‘mouse’ thoughts of negativity. You were not created to be a mouse, otherwise we would enjoy being mice, not use it to describe weak behaviours. You have an inner Lioness, do not cage her.

Did you know that after a Lioness is held in a cage for a long period of time and then released back into the wild she will often pace back and forth in a small amount of space because that is what she was used to living in? How sad to think of a Lioness in a circus cage pacing up and down and then being set free only to pace within invisible walls either side of her. Thankfully in time she breaks this habit as she is no longer confined.

What a great way of looking at the journey of our own inner Lioness suppression. It takes time to free her and even when she is free it takes time for her to accept complete freedom. It is not natural to hold your inner Lioness captive, to hide her from the world, to stop her living free. You owe her the help of living the life she was designed for. Make a start towards that today. Let her voice guide you, not the voice of fear. Take a step, even a small step, one that you might not think is that life changing straight away but that you know will go towards a greater sense of self-worth and courage. Push on those boundaries and make a change, each small hurdle is an achievement so celebrate and be proud of yourself. You can do it!


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