Learn something new! Get a hobby and stick to it . There are 1000’s of things to try in this world. The internet gives us access to all of them, we can find anything, anywhere. Find something you have always wanted to do and invest in it. Do it for you, feed your soul.

People are often surprised by the amount of hobbies I invest my time into but never the less I do find the time. Currently I am learning two sports, a language and an instrument. If you had asked me two years ago to find time for all of these I would have laughed at the thought but my life has somehow worked around them.

When we are doing something we enjoy we are in perfect alignment with our true self. Following our passion isn’t something that should be put on a to do list until we have ‘time’. Make the time. It doesn’t matter if you have 6 kids a full-time job and a dog, or you have a demanding career and social life and work 12 hours a day. Find an hour and a half once a week to do an activity for YOU. You deserve it. You deserve to be a priority in your life and nurture your soul as much as anybody else deserves it.

It should be something realistic to you, something that doesn’t add stress to your life. Perhaps an online course once the kids are in bed. Perhaps something on your way home from the office for convenience. Learn a language, take a class, do Thai Chi in the park, bake, write a book, just do something. Do not just exist in your own life, LIVE your own life. You owe that to yourself. Leading by example is the number one way of teaching anyone anything, so you will actually inspire others to do the same for themselves.

The time you ‘lose’ doing something you love will be found somewhere else, the universe has a funny way of making sure everything works itself out for the best so learn to trust in its infinite power. Go on. It would be great to hear what everyone gets up to.

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4 thoughts on “COMMIT TO YOU

  1. “Do tai chi in the park” … Funnyyou say that..on sunday my dad said he’s going to join a class (!). We’ll see if that happens. Might have to forward him this post 😉


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