Rise to them all!


(photo from anonymous source – Facebook)

Embrace EVERYTHING life throws at you, each challenge thrown at you is a chance to grow so battle through it and be strong!


8 thoughts on “Rise to them all!

  1. But, wait. If you have to accept even challenges that you don’t like or that don’t mean anything to you, then you’ll most probably spend most of your life doing stuff you actually don’t want to do. That doesn’t sound like fun! I’m not sure I’m getting into this success wagon, huh.


    • Challenges in your life are there for a reason. Sometimes the challenge is simply walking away from a situation, sometimes it is facing a fear. You may not want to face it at the time but you will more than likely reap the rewards afterwards. That means that challenges can eventually become exciting opportunities. Have you not felt good after facing your own challenges before?


      • But there’s a difference between ‘not running away from challenges’, which I’d think is a healthy thing, and ‘accepting and facing EVERYTHING that gets thrown your way’, which is not only exhausting, but will probably distract you from other things that could have been important too. The quote above just sounds to me like ‘to be successful, you have to do a lot of stuff you won’t enjoy at all’, and I don’t agree with that.
        But I do agree that challenges are generally good. Where’d we be without them?


      • I see exactly how it can be perceived that way, great observation. I think the aim is to encourage you to learn and push beyond fear and limitations not to distract or exhaust you. It’s great that you have highlighted this perception because it could push people to procrastinate if it’s seen this way. It goes to show how individual we all are and how words will have a different meaning to each of us.


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