In my first post I talked about embracing every part of ourselves so that we could live real authentic lives and I mentioned a rage of topics I would cover. So far I have been talking about ways to empower yourself and take a look on the inside. Well now it’s time we step into a new jungle as promised and talk about a whole new journey we go on in life – men! That’s right, the Lions we come across, searching in hope to find that King of the pride, the protector, someone strong and fearless, someone who will care for us and support us, maybe even someone worthy of fathering our offspring, that someone known as Mr Right!

Well, depending on your age and experience there is a good chance you, like myself have met many a Mr Wrong too. If you are lucky enough to have plain sailed straight to your Mr Right then congratulations and perhaps you will enjoy the entertainment value of the dating world for a single woman. If on the other hand you too are single, having men troubles, still shaking your head and wondering how the male species can be so….SO different from the female, then welcome to my world. It is now time to share with you some of my many failings, or, as I like to call them, adventures.

Failure is such an important part of every aspect of life. It is how we learn. Everyone in our lives is either a blessing or a lesson and if we do not learn what we need to from the people who are in our lives for this exact reason then they will come back again and again, be it the same person returning or the same traits in each new person. There is no escaping learning, just the ability to prolong the process. This said, there is value in meeting many a Mr Wrong!

I myself have only been involved in two relationships, one that lasted in total about 9 years and the other that lasted a rocky 1 year. I have since had to introduce myself to the world of dating and even online dating. I have had some ups and a lot of downs but, through it all I have learnt more about myself than I could ever imagine possible. I have turned from Mouse to Lioness and learnt to not give anyone else control or power in any kind of relationship – unless of course I choose to let them borrow it for a while.

Whilst I have been on countless dates from good, bad, tediously boring, awkward, confusing, exciting, funny and even somewhat scary, I have enjoyed and still enjoy dating. I do not let my experiences put me off, lose faith in the whole of the male species or determine who or how valuable I am. They are all an experience and who knows, eventually I may even find one good enough to keep.

I have spoken to countless women who struggle with dating, struggle with what they do wrong, why they are not liked and why they haven’t found a good one. Some even fear dating and hate the process. Well I am not saying I am an expert but I can tell you that I have learnt to love dating and feel nothing but empowerment from it. So maybe I can at least help some of you fellow Lionesses that struggle with dating do the same. To the others that manage to enjoy it too, I hope I can give you a good laugh and maybe even a few reminders of some of the ‘ordeals’ you too have faced with men.

To all the men out there who are kindly taking the time to read my posts, please take this with a pinch of salt and maybe even try considering what I am saying next time you take a woman out. After all, if you want to find a Lioness, you simply must learn to be a Lion.

Until next time pride….!


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