The Degree of Life.

How often does someone know what is best for you?

– You should leave him

– You shouldn’t quit your job

– You will never make it to Hollywood

How often do they tell you how things should be done?

– You should find a nice man who is older and knows what he wants

– You should find a job that pays well and offers good incentives

– Life is not a movie, dreaming is fun but it wont’ get you anywhere

Society itself tells us how things must be done:

– You must go to school

– If you do not have an education you will never be anything

– Life is hard

– You should get a job, get married and have children

– You need to pay your bills in time or you will have bad credit

Even science:

– The world is flat

– The world is round

– Stay away from foods high in fat

– Fat is good for you sugar is the problem

– Pluto is a planet

– Pluto is only a dwarf planet

My point? Not one person I know has received their Degree of Life. Not one person has completed one life, left it, come back for another and remembered the full process of what happened when they died and how they got back here (see how I cover those who remember past lives here too – I know, I’m good right!)

This means not one person can know with absolute certainty what is right and what is wrong. What we are really here for. What we are meant to be doing. What is the right path for us to walk.

There is only one way of knowing if what you are doing is right and that is to listen to your gut instinct. Feel it in yourself. You know deep down whether something is right for you or wrong for you and you must learn to trust yourself. Sometimes you might be destined to make a mistake so that you learn a valuable lesson and if that is the case, the people around you should support you not tell you ‘I told you so’. They don’t know what is right for you so they cannot tell you. Them feeling victorious that they were right over you about YOUR life shows that they have a lot missing from their own life.

This world is big, it’s huge and fascinating and full of any possibility you can ever imagine. Society encourages us to be part of a flock of sheep, that way we are easier to herd. Be whoever it is you feel you are, be the person that is true to you. If things don’t work out, guess what, you can start from scratch again. A friend of mine wrote a great post the other day and at the end of it he said:

‘I’d rather be at the bottom of my ladder than at the top of someone else’s’

I loved this. This life is YOUR ladder. YOUR mountain, so climb it and don’t apologise to anyone for being true to yourself. There is no right way of living, only a way of living that is true to you. Nearly every great mind was once thought of as crazy, but they carried on doing their thing and ignored the people who hated on them, judged them and laughed at them, and what happened? We remember them and praise them and quote them to this day.

We are all heading off of this planet the same way so let’s try to do everything we can do, for ourselves and for others, before we leave.

Be everything you ever dreamed of Pride!


2 thoughts on “The Degree of Life.

  1. Nice!
    Just one disagreement.
    “You know deep down whether something is right for you or wrong for you and you must learn to trust yourself”
    Well, it is not actually certain and sure that listening to instincts, intuitions and guts is a precise manner of knowing what is right and wrong for oneself. I agree to the point that someone must learn to trust on himself/herself, and must listen to his/her own “subjectivity” sometimes. But it is not a guarantee of getting to do what is good or what is really the conception of right for this person. At least i think this way so.

    We are not pure instinct. Intellect and rationality have good use great part of the time. And we are not “rocky islands”, feedbacks, suggestions, motivation and emotional contact are also important as guides in life.

    So, in the end, it seems i am almost opposing what you wrote. But it is not like that.
    I agree completely that none have concept enough to preach us on the definitive right way of living life, and i agree that we must decide on our own. We have to climb our own ladder, but it doesnt mean we cant catch a ride on others´s ladders and also we must not be depending only on “guts instincts”.

    As ever, i have to say it was an awesome text with a lot of daring introspection.


    • Hey Alexandre, as always thank you for taking the time to read and comment, it always means a lot. Yes I think it is important to seek advice and help from others and perhaps I should have clarified that I was referring to the people who preach or control over those who simply try to help. Intellect and rationality of course have their uses but in my experience every time my instinct has said ‘no’ and I have ignored it based on what seems rational I have always ended up saying ‘I should have listened to my gut’ and vice versa. I think intellect and rationality can come in after we listen to our instinct and sometimes I believe we are led to mistakes that may seem unfair but are an essential part of our personal path. But I must stand by my instinct as the deciding factor because if something ‘feels right’ I do it for that reason and if it ‘feels wrong’ I don’t do it for that same reason. People can follow whatever path they choose I just think people need to stand by their choices and not feel a need to justify themselves further than the trust they have – and should have – in themselves.

      You are correct that other factors do come into it and what you have written is a very valid outlook.

      Thanks again for this great comment! 🙂


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