You are always being shown the way.  When something feels right deep down then it is right for you.  Sometimes you will be led to challenges and other times to rewards but you will never be led astray by listening to your gut instinct.

This life isn’t supposed to be a straight path on a red carpet covered in rose petals.  It is supposed to take you up and down, high and low, far and wide.  Go with the flow, be guided through the forest, up the mountains, overseas.  Why now?  This life is for living right?

We are all headed to the same inevitable ending, what a shame it would be to get there perfectly preserved never having taken a risk.  Why is that an important choice?  Why is it so necessary to play it safe?  If you have answers to these questions that excite you and feel right then sure, go for that route in life, but deep down, if you strive for adventure, for fun, for excitement or for LIFE.  Follow your heart, listen to your gut and let your head advise you.  Go live an amazing life!


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