Build it your way

There is no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’ of doing anything.  There is only the  way it feels right or wrong to you.  There is no higher power saying you must get all A*’s on your school exams or you will be a failure.  There is no higher power saying you must eat with your fork in your left hand or you have no manners and there is no higher power saying you must work for someone else all your life, get married and have children before you are able to relax for 20 years.

There is also no higher power saying that any of the above are wrong.  See where I am going?  Everything we see in society has been created by other humans and we then try to fit in to that way to feel established.  But that isn’t a way of establishing yourself, that is a way of establishing someone else’s influence or idea of ‘right’.

Now I am going to give you some advice but please, feel free to dismiss it, because again, it might not be right for you:


Follow your heart, follow your dreams.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done.  Anything can be done.  There is no rule book.  There is no set way of doing things.  The only real thing we do know is that:


Apply yourself freely to what you love and you shall reap reward.

Be kind to others and you will create a kinder world.

Love conquers all.

There is no such thing as failure, only a chance to learn.

All of these things need to be remembered.  You do not have to be earning a certain amount by a certain age to be deemed successful.

You do not have to have a 9-5 job to be taken seriously.

You do not have to meet someone and settle down to be considered loveable

You do not have to love women, or men, or both or for that matter, neither.  You should love who you  love (I must question the woman who fell in love with a tree though, but hey, each to their own).

You can create any life you want and by never forgetting that you are a living example to others and you will help them live a free life true to themselves.  Fear is the only thing stopping us so let’s be brave and be everything we want to be.  We are all headed out of this life the same way, don’t spend it following the herd!

Here’s to living Pride!


Live live live!

Follow your heart.  If it feels right then it is the right path for you to take, don’t worry about the money, don’t worry about what others think and don’t wait for something better, live now.  Don’t miss out on something good because it’s not the way you imagined it, keep your expectations relaxed and your standards high and the world will treat you right! 

If you don’t know, now you know…

(photo from anonymous source – Facebook)

This is something we all need to be reminded of.  Stop hiding who you are, how you feel and what you think.  When you feel you are being walked over – say it, don’t allow it, show them who is boss – do something!  When someone has upset you tell them, cry about it, have a tantrum and then say sorry for over reacting but be you!  You are glorious and wonderful and magnificent and HUMAN!  Stop hiding this.  Stop being embarrassed of this.  Stop doubting yourself and your actions.  You can always apologise if you do something wrong. Hiding who you are is wrong to yourself, to your wonderful soul.

Put on that crown and show the world who is boss!

Always be kind pride and watch the jewels sparkle!

Let’s hope so!

We all have hope don’t we? We hope for the best, we hope for each other, we hope to win the lottery, hope to be successful and we hope to find love.

Without hope where would we be? Hope leads us, fuels us, makes us strong and keeps us going through dark times. Until hope is lost we don’t give up. We can’t.

Let’s take it down a scale. Think about a friend of yours who has or is wasting all her time on a guy that just does not deserve her. Think how you feel hearing how he treats her bad and she excuses him, justifies his behaviour, cries over him or works out a way to change the situation. Frustrating isn’t it?

Now think of a time that you have lowered your standards for someone who didn’t deserve it…..come on we have all done it. Think about how you kept trying to find a way to make it work. How you told everyone and yourself he wasn’t like the rest of them and you were meant to be. How much the idea of losing him hurt. I am sure you can now sympathise with that friend you just thought of a little more can’t you?

I want you to think about what it was that got you out of there. Made you walk away. I then want you to think about the moment you finally got over them. Moved on. The moment you no longer dreamed about them returning on a white horse and making everything ok again. Why did that happen?

One of the reasons…..because hope was gone.

Not all hope was lost, I am not saying that for a second. We always have hope, but what we hoped for changed. In order for us to move on we have to hope for something else, something better and through that we develop the faith and motivation to seek nothing less.

Every ending can be hard. It can leave us feeling lost, lonely and scared but until we lose the hope, we will still be attached to the situation. So how do we lose hope for a bad situation? If only it were that easy to switch off. Well the answer is quite simple. We will lose it, when we lose it. The quickest way is not to fight it. Allow yourself to pine for someone, cry over someone and wish things could be better, but, acknowledge that it is hope doing that. Hope has to run its course. It has to try out every road and possible way of making things right again.

Give yourself targets. Know that one week from now you will have less hope and therefore feel better. You will also start putting your hope on better things. A sort of ‘hope-transer’ if you will. Let yourself feel every emotion that comes with it but be firm in your decisions. If someone is bad for you don’t give your time to them because you feel alone without them. Let the pain wash through and trust that the hope you have for them will leave and go towards hoping for better things for you. This will motivate you to take better action for yourself.

I have hope for me. I have hope for all of you.

Hoping you have a great week Pride. x